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Living Val di Sole, Trentino

Unforgettable holidays in unique natural beauty

Our hotel can become your home in the heart of Val di Sole, a green oasis in the Trentino region, surrounded by some of the most famous mountain chains in the Alpine arch, the Brenta Dolomites, the Adamello-Presanella massif and the Ortles-Cevedale group. The rare beauty of the landscape offers a wide range of natural environments: from unlimited forests to steep and rocky peaks; admiring these towers made by nature and letting yourself be enraptured by their charm and beauty will make you feel part of a better world. Alpine lakes, streams, waterfalls, glaciers will be the destination point of an infinite number of excursions and crossings that can please everyone's likes and preparation level.

A land of adventure and nature: from down in the valley and up to the mountain pastures and even further up to the mountain peaks that surround them, many of which are higher than 3000 m, Val di Sole has magnificent landscapes to be revealed in addition to the many activities that you will discover during your vacation: starting from the more classic activities like hiking, fishing, minigolf, tennis, archery, horse-back riding, skiing, snowshoeing, nordic walking, mountain biking, snowboarding, rafting to the more daring activities like rock or ice climbing, canyoning, tarzaning, ponting and hydrospeed. With us, you will discover how to try these activities in complete safety and therefore experience all that Val di Sole has to offer.

The natural parks

Val di Sole has the perfect place for those who prefer to come into contact with Nature in a calmer and quieter setting: there are two protected parks within the area: the Adamello-Brenta Park and the Stelvio National Park.

The Adamello-Brenta Park is the largest natural protected area in Trentino and is also known for being the last Alpine area in which the Brown Bear has survived, therefore becoming the Park's symbol: towards the west, the Trentino part of the Adamello-Presanella massif is included in the Park, the realm of fresh water: magnificent glaciers, rushing streams, spectacular waterfalls, dozens of small enchanted lakes. Towards the east, it encompasses the Brenta Dolomites: fantastic natural features that follow one after the other including rocky spires, towers and enormous cliffs. The varieties of flora on these mountains are quite numerous and the wildlife is equally extraordinary: chamois, deer, roe deer, eagles, mountain goats, foxes, badgers, martens, wood grouse, woodchucks, ptarmigans and many other big and small animals.
Our staff organizes guided outings in the Park, leaving directly from the hotel both during the winter and the summer, don't miss them!

The Stelvio National Park is the largest natural protected area in the Alpine arch and it completely encompasses the Ortles-Cevedale massif. Access to the park in Val di Sole is through two valleys, Peio and Rabbi. These two valleys, that still maintain their rural traditions, both have Thermal Spas which are famous for their special springs that are rich in carbon dioxide and iron. There are a great variety of plants, flowers and minerals within the Park in addition to the numerous protected species such as the ermine, golden eagle, and the most majestic predatory bird of the Alps, the lammergeyer. There are various excursions during the day and at night provided by the Park's Guides both during the winter and the summer. A definite must to try!

Arts and crafts

In Val di Sole, art is not only synonymous of the past. Quality craftsmanship is still a thriving part of the valley: wood workers create traditional and modern custom-made furniture, antique furniture is restored, there are also wood carvers and artisans that work with ceramics (creating splendid and rare majolica wood burning stoves) and blacksmiths, which are all true artists that reveal the art that lies within these ancient trades that still survive in the artisan's workshops throughout the valley.

Products and cuisine

The typical products of Val di Sole are simple but filled with flavor. Amongst these, we suggest: the apples, cultivated in Val di Sole, that proudly bear the Melinda name, the small forest berries such as red-currants, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, very tasty and full of vitamins the savory choice of meats and cold meats, such as speck but also salami, "luganega" (sausage) and local bacon that all stand out against the rest, honey, produced in small quantities, rich and nutritious that perfectly accompanies both sweet and salty dishes. And finally we can't forget the dairy products: there is excellent butter, ricotta and many chesses: the "casolet from Val di Sole", seasoned cheeses, Trentino parmesan cheese.

Val di Sole cuisine is simple but filled with grandmother's secret recipes. Its typical mountain dishes are based on the use of dairy products that still carry with them the aroma of hay, the fragrance of fresh grass, and the smell of pristine mountain air. There are many wild game dishes prepared with forest berries and aromatic natural herbs, all accompanied with polenta. Many dishes reveal the influence of South Tyrol culture, for example smoked pork chops or pork shank with sauerkraut. You must try such dishes as strangolapreti (priest chokers), potato dumplings, Spätzle, Knödel, potato cake and pancakes, barley soup. Fish is also a traditional part of this cuisine thanks to the river trout in the Noce River and its tributaries. Among the many desserts of the Val di Sole, we suggest that you try torta de frigoloti (crumble cake), carrot cake, linz cake and the all-time favourite apple strudel.